MAX Teaching also provides coaching services in creating materials that facilitate the processes of Common Core State Standards literacy-based practices. Anticipation Guides, Three-Level Study Guides, Interactive Cloze Procedures, and other materials can become the concrete tools that students have in their hands along with the text. These materials serve to help students become deeply engaged in higher-order thinking before, during, and after reading text.

Helping students to focus on important ideas, and providing opportunities to cite text to support students’ thinking are built in to these sorts of materials, and there is a bit of an art in designing them. MAX Teaching consultants help teachers to become familiar with the intricacies of making effective materials in all subject areas. This service can be included along with the embedded coaching or provided separately. Naturally, a similar prerequisite as for embedded coaching exists; teachers should have had the two-day professional development workshop before attempting to create these materials.

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MAX Teaching with Reading and WritingMAX Teaching with Reading and Writing

Classroom Activities for Helping Students Learn New Subject Matter While Acquiring Literacy Skills.



MAX Teaching in ActionMAX Teaching in Action

Classroom Demonstrations of Reading & Writing Activities that Help Students Learn New Subject Matter while Acquiring Literacy Skills. (Set of 4 DVDs)