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Welcome to MAX Teaching with Reading and Writing®, a staff-development opportunity for schools interested in improving reading, writing, and learning skills of all students from the first grade through the thirteenth.


What MAX Teaching Provides:

What People Say:

transparent"Teachers have no time..."

"MAX Teaching has been an integral component of my instructional design since 2006, resulting in 100% passage rates on state testing."

– A. M., Brunswick, OH

"The implementation of MAX Teaching has improved my students’ classroom behavior, interest in learning and ownership in their education."

– W.T., OK

"I highly recommend MAX Teaching as a deliverer of professional development targeted toward increasing student achievement."

– D.S., MO

"Todd is an excellent presenter who walks the talk during each presentation by modeling the effective methods. He is able to get even the "nay-sayers" on board in a minimal period of time… a true professional in his field."

– K.H., Tulsa, OK

“A number of our staff members have commented that this was the best in-service in their careers."

– M.H., NJ

"MAX Teaching provided an in-service on their methods to our teaching staff. I highly recommend them to any district looking to implement instructional strategies that improve overall student achievement in the areas of reading and writing."

– G.L. Massillon, OH

"MAX Teaching motivates and engages my students. It helps weaker students to gain confidence in themselves and pairing with them with stronger students helps them to work with peers and not to just rely on the teacher."

– S.H., Mattoon, IL

"I’ve been using MAX Teaching in all my classes with good results. I’m confident I’ll see results on my high stakes test (NJ ASK) this year!"

– J.M., Bogota, NJ

"I am profoundly thankful and awed by your masterful modeling of techniques I'll use in my classroom and with my child from this point forward."

– T.N., Western Texas College

"I had the privilege of attending your workshop three times. Your reading strategies for nonfiction text helped send my geography test scores through the roof! "

– K. C., Oklahoma City, OK

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MAX Teaching with Reading and WritingMAX Teaching with Reading and Writing

Classroom Activities for Helping Students Learn New Subject Matter While Acquiring Literacy Skills.



MAX Teaching in ActionMAX Teaching in Action

Classroom Demonstrations of Reading & Writing Activities that Help Students Learn New Subject Matter while Acquiring Literacy Skills. (Set of 4 DVDs)