After the Initial Staff Development Workshop, follow-up often includes one or more days of classroom modeling. These are days in which we come into the classroom and model the MAX Teaching strategies in content-area classrooms, using the reading material related to the subject matter that is to be taught that day.

classroom modelingMany teachers do not know how to motivate students to read the difficult complex text that has been assigned to them and this is what we wish to model; that students can be motivated to read carefully and perform higher-order thinking over complex and often difficult technical text in mathematics, social studies, science or whatever subject area.

Modeling of the MAX Teaching strategies in the classroom with real students as teachers observe is an excellent follow-up to the workshops. We ask that the reading/writing materials be sent to the MAX Teaching consultant before the classroom modeling workshop dates so that the presenter has time to plan the lesson that is to be taught the day of the modeling.

In a school with a regular bell schedule, the MAX Teaching consultant will normally model the strategies in four (4) different classrooms, with each lesson followed by a debriefing period for the teachers who observed. It is important to allow time after each class with the teachers to debrief/reflect/comment on what they have observed. We often schedule two (2) classes before lunch and two (2) classes after lunch, but we tailor our work to suit the schedule of the school with whom we work.

Schools with Block Schedules permit the MAX consultant to model two to three full classes per day or four partial classes with debriefing time built in to the block.


MAX Teaching with Reading and WritingMAX Teaching with Reading and Writing

Classroom Activities for Helping Students Learn New Subject Matter While Acquiring Literacy Skills.



MAX Teaching in ActionMAX Teaching in Action

Classroom Demonstrations of Reading & Writing Activities that Help Students Learn New Subject Matter while Acquiring Literacy Skills. (Set of 4 DVDs)