MAX Teaching with Reading & Writing can provide workshops of any length from 3 hours to a whole week, but anything less than a full day will probably not have much effect on participants, and even one day is usually not enough to convince many teachers to attempt using reading and writing in their classes. In our workshops the presenter models the way reading and writing can be used in the classroom in any content area. However, when we put teachers into reading and writing to learn, we do not use school textbooks but rather professional readings that help them to understand why some students have reading difficulties, and what teachers could do to change the situation. So the “textbook” that we use is one that Dr. Mark Forget wrote, but we use it to get teachers to practice (from a student’s perspective) what they could do in their own classrooms, with their own subject matter text. When performing for a whole faculty, we suggest at least two full days of staff development followed up with actual visits to the school wherein the presenter models with real students while teachers observe. This has been an effective way to get teachers on board because teachers often believe that “the ideas are great, but our students are not motivated.” By seeing it done with their students, they often realize that these strategies really do work to help students acquire literacy skills at the same time that they are deeply learning content. Once the workshop is complete, the participants walk away with the book which provides teachers with very specific instructions on how to perform the same activities in their own classrooms.

professional developmentMultiple days of staff development do not need to be consecutive. The most successful staff development efforts include follow-up work and modeling of lessons in the classroom with real subject-area textbooks and real students while teachers observe. We ask that the reading/writing materials be sent to Dr. Forget/MAX Consultant before the classroom modeling workshop dates so that he or she has time to plan the lesson that is to be taught the day of the modeling.

MAX Teaching consultants are master teachers whose expertise has been developed by Dr. Forget. Each presenter performs essentially the same workshop using the same materials that Dr. Forget uses in his workshops. These MAX Consultants are experts in working with elementary school, middle school, high school and career-technical teachers. Each presenter has extensive experience in incorporating MAX Teaching strategies in the various fields such as mathematics, foreign languages, social studies, science, English, career-tech and other classrooms.

Every one of our presenters has been highly rated by schools’ evaluations after each workshop or modeling session. Our presenters have been using the MAX Teaching strategies in their own classrooms for extended periods of time, and have had staff development and ongoing advance preparation with Dr. Forget. We have presenters from eleven states, whose experiences include rural, suburban, and inner-city K-12, and career-technical teaching, and who understand the challenges that our schools encounter.

Professional Development Opportunities:

  1. Workshops that model reading and writing activities with teachers,

  2. Cross-curricular classroom modeling in real classrooms with the students of the school as teachers observe and then debrief with the MAX Teaching consultant,

  3. Embedded coaching where MAX Teaching consultants work with one to five teachers throughout an entire school day, modeling, observing and providing feedback, planning, and coaching in a professional learning community environment,

  4. Train-the-Trainer Workshops that provide in-depth preparation for potential in-house staff developers for a school or school system, and

  5. Materials Making Workshops designed to help teachers and teacher leaders to acquire the skills to create classroom materials that facilitate higher-order thinking and provide opportunities for students to cite text to provide evidence for their understandings.

MAX Teaching with Reading and WritingMAX Teaching with Reading and Writing

Classroom Activities for Helping Students Learn New Subject Matter While Acquiring Literacy Skills.



MAX Teaching in ActionMAX Teaching in Action

Classroom Demonstrations of Reading & Writing Activities that Help Students Learn New Subject Matter while Acquiring Literacy Skills. (Set of 4 DVDs)